Your barbell

just got smarter.

Our team of former NASA engineers set out to change how
you think about fitness by developing a smarter barbell.



About Apollo Strength


As roboticists and aerospace engineers, we are no strangers to complex problems involving real world sensors, big data, and analytics. We also understand the need for data as it applies to working out and improving human performance. Although there are several fitness trackers currently on the market, none are as integrated, easy-to-use, accurate, or as durable as Apollo Strength.


The Team

Apollo Robotics is an advanced research and development start-up based out of Houston, TX, bringing together over 30 years of NASA research and development experience. This includes designing, building, testing, and operating some of the world's most advanced robots and robotic vehicles. We have built machines that are able to meet and exceed the toughest performance requirements and survive the harshest environments. Our collective experience brings a holistic systems approach that enables success. Apollo Robotics focuses on bringing embedded power, sensing, and electronics out of the lab and into the market, with rapid, focused product development and design.

  Sandeep Yayathi


Jide is a seasoned electronics engineer and pragmatic problem solver with vast experience developing advanced robotics, space systems, and high-tech energy solutions. His past experience includes NASA, Lockheed Martin, Baker Hughes and Houston Mechatronics.


Sandeep is an accomplished electrical, mechanical, and software engineer with a penchant for leadership and rigorous design. During his decade at NASA, he developed a variety of space technologies, robotic platforms, energy storage devices, and a tenacious attitude.



Adam graduated from Rice University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  After working in the energy sector, Adam joined NASA in 2007, working with the Robotics division for over seven years.  As a health and fitness evangelist in addition to being a great engineer, Adam pushes both body and mind to excellence.


Chris is a former NASA and SpaceX roboticist with over 10 years of real world engineering and robotics experience. Passionate about great hardware, Chris has been professionally involved in aerospace and robotics since graduating from MIT with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.


Casey is an Amsterdam based CPA and financial expert, specializing in the fields of early and middle-stage start-ups, corporate entrepreneurship, and new venture management. Casey brings with him a passionate understanding of the technology field and a drive to help promote start-ups through sound financial practices and robust business decisions.

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